What is the HCG Diet?

César Lara, M.D. specializes in the HCG diet and employs its techniques to improve the overall health of inhabitants of the Tampa Florida Area. Along with healthy lifestyle choices, Dr. Lara helps those who want to lose weight overcome weight loss challenges to live healthy, productive lives. Doctor Lara tailors treatments to each individual for maximum effectiveness and supervises each step of the process. Each plan is designed for optimal results and customized to meet the specific needs of both women and men.

What is the HCG Diet and Why choose it?

The HCG diet consists of taking the HCG hormone and observing a low calorie diet day for up to 40 days. Most people on diets are always hungry, which limits their ability to keep from eating. A diet of only 500 calories will induce weight loss in most people but supplementing the diet with the HCG hormone helps keep the dieter from feeling hungry. HCG hormones interact directly with the metabolism, helping the body break down stored fat to be used as energy, keeping the body nourished and preventing the dieter from suffering with the side effects of hunger. HCG not only helps to curb hunger by targeting stored body fat for energy, it also helps preserve muscle mass, keeping your body strong.

The HCG diet requires daily HCG injections measured specifically to your body’s needs and a low-calorie diet designed to optimize your weight loss results. The HCG diet plan of Tampa Florida HCG Diet Doctor César Lara can provide you with all the details of what an HCG diet designed for you would look like.

What Are the Basic Steps of an HCG Diet?

The HCG diet can deliver fast, effective weight loss results as part of a three-to-six-week program. You can take HCG for up to six weeks at a time before your body begins to adapt to the hormone, decreasing its effectiveness. If you have more than 35-40 pounds to lose, or did not meet your desired weight loss goals with the first course of a customized HCG diet plan, you can safely undergo another course of the diet after a break of at least three weeks to reset your bodies tolerance for HCG.

Typically, HCG dieters consume 500-600 calories per day in addition to daily HCG supplementation. The HCG diet plan of Tampa HCG Doctor César Lara, M.D. can determine a daily caloric intake that is right for you to deliver the best weight loss results possible.

HCG Diet Results

It’s important to note that the results enjoyed by patients on the HCG diet can vary. However, many patients enjoy fast, significant results. It is very common for patients to report losing a pound each day while on the diet, and some patients lose even more weight. The exact amount of weight loss may vary from patient to patient, talk to an HCG specialist to learn more about what kind of results you can expect from an HCG diet plan designed just for you.

Not only are patients able to lose a significant amount of weight on the HCG diet, but the loss of so much unhealthy fat offers excellent health benefits too. Patients often report lower cholesterol levels, lower blood pressure, and more energy after losing weight on the HCG diet.

What are you waiting for?

This may be the last diet you ever need to be on. With a little hard work and patience, you can lose weight, be healthy all while not feeling hungry. It’s simple, the less hungry you are, the easier it is to abstain from indulging in extra caloric intake. It’s that easy.

The HCG Diet plan is unique to other types of diet plans because of how it targets the fat stores around the body. The low-calorie diet and HCG hormone shots are the right combination to regain a healthy lifestyle, and could be the right choice for you. Contact Tampa Florida HCG Diet Doctor César Lara, M.D. so he can help you in becoming the thinner, healthier you!